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Michael LaHatte

Is there an “easy life”? If there was, believe me, I would have found it! I’ve looked everywhere!

I wish I could hang out in my home theater all day, feet kicked up, watching movies, surfing the net, and power napping for the heck of it, while eating gallons of ice cream; but life doesn’t work that way. Eventually, some major issue would come up in one of my businesses, and if ignored, would cause a financial crisis. We don’t want that!

And surely, the daily ice cream habit wouldn’t cause any probs either would it? I bet I’d even lose weight!

I’ve started many companies over the last 25 years. Some have done very well, some have failed miserably. I learned a lot from each scenario, but I learned more from the failures.

It’s funny how we learn more from screwing up.

Sometimes I think you learn more because the failure stung so bad; however, overtime, you end up forgetting.

The hurt is pushed out by the exhilaration of new successes. Which is fine with me.  I can’t stand hurting!  I’m tough as nails until I get hurt (tongue in cheek).

Life will put you on your knees many times, but it’s your ability to get back up that counts. It’s easy to stay down. Life will even offer you a pillow down there.

We all have a price to pay in order to gain the right to walk through the doors of victory.

The serial entrepreneur emerges from the “Road of Adversity” bleeding and limping, yet triumphant.

Entrepreneurs will develop a “white hot” sense of urgency that burns so bad, they would punch through a concrete wall to obtain their goal.

Enter the birth of the 110% philosophy.

There’s something to be said and respected about a person that TRULY gives 110%.

When our son started the sport of cross country, he wasn’t doing well when compared to the other runners.

I asked him one day, “Do you feel like you’re giving it your best? Are you giving it 110%?”

He said, “No sir, I could have tried a lot harder.”

I told him, “If you watch the fastest runners, they are falling across the finish line. Those guys and gals left nothing on the ‘field of battle’. They gave it all they had. They fired every missile. If you give that kind of effort, even if you don’t win, people will respect you, and you will feel better about yourself. If you do all that you can do, then you’ve done enough.”

His times have now improved drastically from that one mental adjustment.

110% commands respect. But more important, it causes you to respect yourself.

See, you know when you aren’t giving your best. You can’t fool you. You can’t hide from yourself. When you look in the mirror every morning, and every night, you know. You know if you coasted through the finish line, or worse, if you quit.

Go into the bathroom, look in the mirror, look into the most important eyes in your life, and ask “am I giving it my best?”

As an entrepreneur, 110% should be a given, but it’s shocking how many people quit way too soon. Many times they give up right before a big breakthrough, and end up missing their big opportunity.

The “everyone gets a trophy” mentality is starting to show in some of the up and coming young would-be entrepreneurs. They get out in the real world with passion, desire, great ideas, and smarts to go with it, but get their nose busted by life and have no clue what to do. They didn’t learn how to handle adversity.

You will deal adversity most of your life. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and depressing. Experienced entrepreneurs tend to get excited when faced with adversity. They know they’ve licked it before and they will beat it again!

Dealing with adversity is really like a muscle that you exercise over time. It get’s better and better, stronger and stronger, the more you use it. You eventually develop it to the point of shaking off negatives fast.

Always keep in mind, you are not your finished product yet. You are still developing and growing yourself. You will get better, you will get stronger.

Adversity comes is many forms.

It could be the “no” you were told while trying to close an important client.

It could be some crazy error on your main website causing you to miss orders.

Maybe you had an argument with your spouse or kids that has you upset.

You might have watched the news and heard something that really disturbed you and took your focus away.

You may have had a daydream about that horrible kid that picked on you in 5th grade that you wish you would have handled differently, thinking “I wish I could give him a piece of my mind today!”

The devil will always be at your doorstep, but you can and will beat him; because you’re an entrepreneur. You hammer through life for a living. It’s just another day at the office.

The funny thing about success is that it doesn’t chase you. It doesn’t knock on your door with a smile. But, when you are giving your best, success seems easy.

But giving 110% isnt about just raw power or raw output. It’s about the effort it takes in planning too. You will probably give 115% effort in planning. And if your plan is sound, you’ve targeted your market correctly, and your offer is spot on; success comes quickly and appears as though it was effortless.

When you finally win, when you finally build your dream, people will insinuate that you had it so easy. That you just had talent. That you were one of the lucky ones. That you were an overnight success.

They have no idea…

The most valuable asset of the entrepreneur is their ability to grind – to take action with all their might, regardless of the obstacles, despite all of the negatives, and remain focused all the way through the finish line.

Long live the entrepreneur!